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3) OTC Serie


  Input voltage:  230 Vac  
  Output voltage:  9 Vdc  
  Nominal current:  1 A  
  Nominal power:  9 W  
The power supplies of the "OTTO” range are made using the latest switching technology. They feature high efficiency and low no-load power consumption (stand-by mode). The "OTTO” power supplies have been developed for installation in the smallest European electrical trunking boxes. Thus the continuous stabilized voltage source is located directly where it has to be located, so heavy and expensive installation work as well as mounting visible power supplies onto the wall can be easily avoided. They are also used in applications in tight spaces, particularly in the emerging Home Automation System: safety and videosurveillance systems, remote controlled doors and windows systems, lighting and air conditioning systems, etc. Especially in particular or antique environments, like historic buildings, where no brickwork is possible, the power supplies of the "OTTO” range are the perfect and most innovative solution.

Main characteristics



 Ø 50 x h 26 mm



Input characteristics

230 Vac     50/60Hz

Output characteristics

9 Vdc – 1 A ( 9 W )

Service condition


Operation temperature

-10°C + 50°C

Safety standards


EMC standards

EN55032/B – EN55024

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