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AC/DC switching - High Efficiency - PSM range
Standard EN61558 / EN62368


  Input voltage:  110 - 240 Vac  
  Output voltage:  24 Vdc  
  Nominal current:  4 A  
  Nominal power:  96 W  
  Case:  6  

The power supplies of the "PSM" range are made using the latest switching technology. They are characterized by a high efficiency and a reduced no-load power consumption (stand-by).They have been conceived to be integrated in all the professional systems of the home and industrial automation. They are essentially used in the electric panels as well as for applications where extremely compact dimensions and a long-term reliability are required. The output voltage is regulated with a tolerance of ± 3% with load changes of 0 to 100 % and with AC mains voltage in the limit of ± 15% for the models with a nominal input voltage of 230VAC and in the limit of ± 10% for the full range models.

Main characteristics

PSM6/96.24 PFC
(with Power Factor Correction)

Case 6 modules

105 x 93 x h 66 mm

Input characteristics

90 - 260 Vac     50/60Hz

Output characteristics

24 Vdc – 4 A ( 96 W )

Service condition


Operation temperature

-10°C + 50°C

Insulation class


Safety standards

EN61558 - EN62368

EMC standards

EN55032/B – EN55024

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